Interior designer Tina Kamchatnova drew inspiration from the style of contemporary international megalopolises in creating LUCE restaurant — a new concept on the Moscow dining scene.

LUCE is an exclusive brand, brought to Russia by the Italian winery Frescobaldi. The Frescobaldi family’s fame stretches back more than 700 years and is closely connected with Italian and Tuscan history, art and culture. The family has been producing wine since the 14th century. Its best-known trademarks are Montesodi, Mormoreto, Castelgiocondo Brunello, and Luce.

The LUCE restaurant is part of the Arkady Novikov Group of Companies. The restaurant’s menu offers Italian, Japanese and Russian dishes by head chef Alexander Ibragimov. In the spacious dining hall with its tall display windows, the sun always seems to be shining — and what better way to accentuate the restaurant’s name, as LUCE means «light». A designer illumination system featuring 72 lights adds pizazz to the space.

LUCE is divided into two areas – a no-smoking restaurant and a cafe.


In the restaurant hall, the combination of wine cabinets, a fireplace and Art Deco divans creates a unique atmosphere. The cafe serves as the lounge zone, with soft velvet armchairs, Chapurin Casa divans and a bar.

In the summer, LUCE opens its summer veranda with seating for 90 guests. Other drawcards include sets by Moscow deejays, a hookah menu, and live sports telecasts.
A 20 % discount is offered from noon to 4 p.m.
Any dish on the menu can be ordered takeaway.
Opening hours are 10 a.m. until last guest.

We look forward to seeing you at LUCE.


Head chef

Alexander Ibragimov is LUCE restaurant’s talented young head chef. Belonging to the new generation of chefs, he loves to experiment with flavours, adding his own individual touch to classic combinations.

For LUCE, he has created a menu with popular dishes from Italian, Russian and Japanese cuisines.

The varied menu includes classic and original salads, risotto and pasta, pizza, grill dishes and splendid desserts.

«Every day I’m learning and perfecting my skills.»





Our wine list offers more than 200 wines; besides the classical regions of France and Italy, it includes wines from Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, U.S.A. and South Africa. Alongside labels that are well-known on the Moscow market, guests can also discover little-known wines and learn more about them from sommelier Vyacheslav Nechayev, who can also select the right wine to complement a guest’s chosen dish.

Together with our partners, we update our wine list every month and present special offers.

There’s no better combination than a favourite dish with a favourite wine.
We respect our guests, and they show their appreciation by returning again and again. If a guest’s favourite wine is not offered on our wine list, we consider their wishes and do our best to include it. Our priority is a fair pricing policy on our wine list, and it always includes worthy «everyday» wines as well as wines for special occasions.

We welcome you to LUCE.

Vyacheslav Nechayev

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